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Australian Wood Duck

Australian Wood Ducks are a fairly common sight. They stand out, with their neat round head and short beaks. Up close, I noticed the soft frilly feathers on the sides of this bird’s body under the wings. This one is a male, as its head is dark brown and lacks the females’ white markings around the eyes.

Common name: Australian Wood Duck

Scientific name: Chenonetta jubata

Approximate length: 60cm

Date spotted: 3 June 2017 (Winter)

Location: Manly Dam Reserve, New South Wales, Australia: 33°46’58.1″S 151°15’14.7″E


Wood duck quacking high in a gum tree

For some reason I’ve never expected to see a duck high up a gum tree. I know they fly, but somehow I think of them as spending their lives on the ground or on the water. Walking through the bush, I’ve occasionally heard a muttering, rolling sound coming from the tree tops. Imagine my surprise when I tracked it down to this Australian Wood Duck.

Here’s a still photo of the duck:

Wood Duck quacking in a gum tree

And in profile:

Wood Duck in a gum tree

Common name: Australian Wood Duck

Scientific name: Chenonetta jubata

Approximate length: 50 cm

Date spotted: 31 July 2016

Season: Winter

Location: Manly Dam Reserve, New South Wales, Australia

Latitude/longitude: 33°46’41.1″S 151°14’54.9″E