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Ibis raiding the trash

Australian White Ibises are a common sight in the city, raiding the trash or swooping between the buildings. Their natural habitat is near water, nesting in colonies on trees and bushes on the water’s edge.

This video shows an ibis in Pyrmont, Sydney, guarding its booty from other raiders: screaming, strutting Silver Gulls and a curious but cautious Common Myna.

Here’s a close-up of the ibis.

Ibis raiding the trash

Common name: Australian White Ibis

Scientific name: Threskiornis molucca

Approximate length: 70 cm

Date spotted: 4 December 2014

Season: Summer

Location: Pyrmont, in Sydney, Australia

Latitude/longitude: 33°51’56.4″S 151°11’46.6″E


Silver Gulls on Manly Beach

Silver Gulls are the most common type of seagulls you’ll find in Manly.

Silver Gulls on Manly Beach

Common name: Silver Gull

Scientific name: Larus novaehollandiae (also called Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae)

Approximate length: 40 cm

Date spotted: 26 December 2013

Season: Summer

Location: Manly Beach, New South Wales, Australia

Latitude/longitude: -33.794021,151.287893

The next photo shows a youngster, as indicated by the dappled brown plumage on the wings. The birds often make themselves a shallow pit in the sand to sleep in, as this one has done.

Silver Gulls on Manly Beach

Skimming the wave tops:

Silver Gulls on Manly Beach