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Female Superb Lyrebird at Katoomba

She was hanging out in a secluded glen at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains yesterday, when I happened by with my camera. She is a Superb Lyrebird, scratching through the undergrowth for food. She doesn’t have the fanned lyre tail of an adult male, and alas, she’s not making any interesting noises. Instead, she’s catching a quick snack with a couple of wrens in tow.

We arrived in Katoomba at around 9am, and took the Scenic Railway down into the valley. We were strolling along the wooden walkways when the Lyrebird came into view. They’re usually very shy and keep to the shadows, so it was a treat to see this one reasonably well.

Lyrebirds are amazing mimics. Check out a video about the sounds Lyrebirds make, by David Attenborough.

Common name: Superb Lyrebird

Scientific name: Menura novaehollandiae

Approximate length: 85 cm

Date spotted: 13 June 2015

Season: Winter

Location: Katoomba (down in the valley), New South Wales, Australia

Approximate latitude/longitude: 33°43’56.1″S 150°18’14.1″E