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Kingfisher at Manly Dam near Sydney

A bright kingfisher dashed in and out of a termite nest high in a tree. I caught a couple of photos of the bird perching on branches, and made a video of a lightning-fast dash at the termite nest. I think it’s a Forest Kingfisher, after careful scrutiny of the photos and my bird book. But it may be a Sacred Kingfisher instead. It was exciting to see this bird, as I didn’t know we had any kingfishers in the area apart from kookaburras.

Here’s the video, at actual speed (very short):

Here it is again, slowed down to quarter speed:

A still photo:


And another:


Common name: Forest Kingfisher

Scientific name: Todiramphus macleayii

Approximate length: 20 cm

Date spotted: Saturday 22 November 2014

Season: Spring

Location: Manly Dam National Park, Sydney, Australia

Latitude/longitude: 33°46’57.5″S 151°15’20.2″E