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Dollarbird in Sydney

Update on 25 December 2014: It’s a Dollarbird, also called a Broad-billed Roller. Thanks to Hamish Robertson for identifying this bird! They’re migratory, arriving in Australia in September/October every year and leaving again in March. They spend the winter in New Guinea and other northern islands.

Does anyone know what bird this is? I heard it making an insistent chattering noise the other day. It was high up on an electric cable, so I couldn’t see it very well. It’s dark in colour, with a red beak. I’d guess its size to be roughly that of a magpie. Here’s the best shot I got of it:

Unknown Bird

Here’s a video, useful mainly for the sound. I had the camera on high zoom without a tripod, so it’s quite shaky, but you can hear the sound very well.

Common name: Dollarbird (Thanks to Hamish Robertson for identifying this bird!)

Scientific name: Eurystomus orientalis

Approximate length: 30 cm

Date spotted: 21 December 2014

Season: Summer

Location: Manly Dam Reserve, New South Wales, Australia

Latitude/longitude: 33°46’36.4″S 151°15’16.1″E