Crimson Rosella feeding on bottlebrush seeds

Usually when you spot a Crimson Rosella, there’s another one close by. This time, though, I could only see one. It was contentedly nibbling at the seeds on a bush – a bottlebrush, I think. [Update on 24 April: It’s not a bottlebrush, but Scrub She-oak, Allocasuarina distyla. Thanks to Carol Probets for the comment!]

The male and female Crimson Rosella look very similar, with the male being larger. I don’t know whether this one was male or female.

Crimson Rosella

These birds are so pretty, even though this one was moulting, so a little shabby in places.

Crimson Rosella

From the rear, the feathers are quite intricate in pattern:

Crimson Rosella

Common name: Crimson Rosella

Scientific name: Platycercus elegans elegans

Approximate length: 35 cm

Date spotted: 12 February 2017 (Summer)

Location: Manly Dam Reserve, New South Wales, Australia: 33°46’58.4″S 151°15’11.8″E


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  1. Beautiful photos Sarah, and well spotted. The seeds are Allocasuarina distyla, or Scrub She-oak. Rosellas do enjoy nibbling at these but keep an eye out also for Glossy Black-Cockatoos which are the real she-oak specialists – their diet consists almost wholly of Allocasuarina seeds. If you haven’t reversed the photo this bird is an unusual left-footed rosella. Most rosellas are right-footed, unlike cockatoos which are nearly all left-footed!

    • Hallo Carol
      Thanks for all the information! I haven’t reversed the photo. It’s interesting to know these birds can be left- or right-footed. So, this one’s a leftie. Very cool.

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