Galahs galore

I’ve posted a few pictures of galahs on this blog. They’re gorgeous birds, a type of parrot with a distinctive call and an endearing habit of walking around on the ground in large groups, bobbing their white-capped heads at each other. If you do something silly, an Australian might fondly say, “You silly galah” – an affectionate nod to the slightly bumbling behaviour of the birds.

Yesterday I came across a group of them, all agog because a tree was dropping its seed balls. This bird peeks down at me while holding a seed ball in its beak:

Galah holding a seed ball

In this video, you can hear the galahs chatting noisily to each other. Towards the end, something startles them and they take off, flying towards the camera with seed balls in their beaks:

Common name: Galah

Scientific name: Cacatua roseicapilla

Approximate length: 38 cm

Date spotted: 23 May 2015

Season: Winter

Location: Manly Vale, New South Wales, Australia

Latitude/longitude: 33°46’48.6″S 151°15’52.2″E

To find more about these pretty birds, see the galah category in this blog.


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