Tawny Frogmouth nesting

Strolling along a path in the bush today, I spotted a strange-looking lump high in a tree. I got out my trusty Canon with its high-powered zoom and snapped a few shots. When I got home, I loaded the photos onto my PC to have a look. Lo and behold, it’s a Tawny Frogmouth on a nest.

Tawny Frogmouth nesting

This pic zooms in closer, from a slightly different angle. A branch obscures part of the bird’s face, and you can see its short, mouth-like beak on one side of the branch:

Tawny Frogmouth nesting

Common name: Tawny Frogmouth

Scientific name: Podargus strigoides

Approximate length: 34-52 cm

Date spotted: 21 September 2014

Season: Spring

Location: Manly Dam Reserve, New South Wales, Australia

Latitude/longitude: 33°46’58.4″S 151°15’07.2″E

For more shots of these intriguing birds, check out the Frogmouth category of this blog.


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