Powerful Owl roosting

While walking through the bush this morning, I spotted some tell-tale white splatters on the ferns lining the path. I looked up into the trees, and sure enough there was a Powerful Owl high above my head.

The zoom in this short video shows how high up the owl was. You’ll also hear the kookaburras laughing and a couple of cockatoos scolding. The owl doesn’t do much except swivel its head.

Here’s a still shot of the owl gazing into the distance:

Powerful Owl roosting


Powerful Owl roosting

Still watching…

Powerful Owl roosting


Powerful Owl roosting

A view from the front:

Powerful Owl roosting

And the view of the owl without my camera’s super zoom:

Powerful Owl roosting

Common name: Powerful Owl

Scientific name: Ninox strenua

Approximate length: 65 cm

Date spotted: 27 July 2014

Season: Winter

Location: Manly Dam National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Approximate latitude/longitude: 33°46’50.2″S 151°14’54.5″E


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