Pelicans at Long Reef Headland, NSW

Pelicans are huge birds who look wise in a goofy way. A number of them hang out at Long Reef Headland, NSW, Australia.

Posing in front of a breaking wave:

Pelican at Long Reef

It’s odd to see such huge birds perched on lamp posts. I wonder if the engineers who designed the lamp posts catered for such a weight?

How many pelicans can you fit on a lamp post?

Pelicans-on-Lamp-Post-LongReef-23March2013 050

Zooming in:

Pelicans-on-Lamp-Post-LongReef-23March2013 048

Common name: Australian Pelican

Scientific name: Pelecanus conspicillatus

Approximate length: 170 cm

Approximate wingspan: 2.5m

Date spotted: 23 March 2014

Season: Late Summer

Location: Long Reef Headland, New South Wales, Australia

Latitude/longitude: 33°44’15.2″S, 151°18’44.1″E

Finishing up with an atmospheric shot of Long Reef, showing a fisherman, a ship, and some birds:

Fisherman-Ship-LongReef-23March2013 009-trunc


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