Australian Brushturkey kicking up leaves

The Australian Brushturkey, also called a Bush Turkey or a Scrub Turkey, is a truly weird bird. This male is a lovely specimen: large, with a bright red head and long yellow dewlaps, officially called a wattle, hanging from its neck. I followed it round a corner, where it started doing what these birds are known and loved (or hated) for: kicking up the leaves and dirt with its big strong feet. They can make a real mess of your garden.

Brushturkeys do fly, though they’re a little ungainly in the air.

Common name: Australian Brushturkey

Scientific name: Alectura lathami

Approximate length: 75 cm

Date spotted: 6 November 2011

Season: Summer

Location: Manly Dam Reserve, New South Wales, Australia

Latitude/longitude: -33.782572,151.255698


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